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                                                      Mode locking unit


                                                      Optimizing the performance of the clamping mechanism, reducing the inertia of the movement, opening and closing the mould quickly, smoothly and without vibration, to meet the demand of opening the mould for precision products;. The moving die supports the heavy die slide block to reduce the friction coefficient.

                                                      Injection unit


                                                      Low coefficient of friction injection structure, rapid precision injection molding, the fastest speed up to 500 mm/s.

                                                      Servo Drive system


                                                      By matching the servo motor and the servo drive reasonably, the driving efficiency is further improved, the high precision and high response are realized, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is further reduced.



                                                      Multi-action synchronization, greatly shorten the production cycle.



                                                      The pressure is controlled at 0.1 mpa, the position is controlled at 0.01 mm, the speed is accurate to 0.1 mm/s, the repeated positioning accuracy is high, and the product quality is guaranteed.

                                                      Environmental Protection and energy conservation


                                                      Driven by servo motor, low noise, bring customers a clean production environment. Compared with the traditional injection molding machine electricity saving 25%-80% , water saving 80-90% .