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                                                      Injection Molding System


                                                      Using high-performance hydraulic components of international famous brands, opening and closing die, ejecting, Chinese characters, adjusting die and other actions using high-efficiency and energy-saving hydraulic servo system, with mature and perfect functions such as neutron, wring teeth, etc. , can realize the linkage of opening die and material storage, shorten the molding cycle. The perfect combination of servo motor and internal gear pump, through high-precision sensor to form pressure and flow closed-loop control, greatly improve the accuracy of equipment. Open and close mode proportional reversing valve is optional, so that the position accuracy is more accurate, faster response.

                                                      Hydraulic Machinery


                                                      Plastic and injection glue are driven by servo motor directly. The system uses the famous foreign brand Spider Silk Pole, cooperates with the ball silk pole special support bearing to guarantee the ejection device the structure to be accurate, the high efficiency. Injection pressure sensor has strong anti-interference and high resolution. The position of the screw injection is accurate, and the speed is controllable. It can meet the requirements of thick wall and high appearance. All hard steel alloy screw design, high strength, good corrosion resistance, longer service life. Professional automatic lubrication system, injection ball screw using high-pressure, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant high-performance grease lubrication, pre-plastic bearings and synchronous pulley high load-bearing to improve the machine service life.

                                                      High Precision


                                                      The electro-hydraulic compound molding machine is now the most precise machine. It uses pressure, flow and position control of the full closed-loop compound operation, to achieve truly high-precision, high repeatability of the full closed-loop control./n/n

                                                      Increase production efficiency


                                                      Rapid response, high production efficiency, high repetition accuracy, saving raw materials.

                                                      Excellent Energy Saving Performance


                                                      Energy saving: during the cooling phase, the motor does not need to work, and the power consumption is 0.

                                                      Water and oil saving: compared with the traditional hydraulic power system hydraulic oil consumption reduced by 1/4 ~ 1/3, can achieve no cooling, thus greatly saving water.

                                                      Longer Machine Life, cleaner working environment


                                                      Less noise emission: Hydraulic System Noise Control within the scope of national standards.

                                                      Waste heat and cooling energy needs low, more suitable for the production environment with Air Conditioning: Injection Molding Machine from start-up to enter the steady-state oil temperature rise 8 °C-10 °C.